Reviews From Our Past Clients

“Shane Pendley and PARUS Solution Marketing offer Exit Realty one of the best and progressive business assets nationwide. Their products change the face of our brand in our communities and propels our agents into success by revolutionizing our listing, buyer and sponsorship presentations and opportunities. I proudly endorse Shane Pendley and thank him for his professionalism and the opportunity to partner with him in business.”

Susan Ebert


“I have been doing business with Parus and Shane Pendley for years. We have done everything from videos, webpages, logos and more. I highly recommend Parus and I encourage you look at what they have to offer. I assure you that you will be pleased with their products and services. There is no doubt they will improve your marketing, and your bottom line!”

Annemarie Hensley

Midlothian, VA

“Thank you and your wonderful staff for coming to Melbourne and doing the video shoot. Your team was very professional, polite and made us all feel at ease. The videos for me have been a wonderful success. My buyers and sellers really enjoy seeing all the wealth of information that has been provided in the video. I have even gotten deals closed because of the videos. I would recommend any agent to have a video done with Parus and I even bring it up all the time to our new recruits. In order to be successful with the videos, agents NEED to use them in their marketing plan. Again, thank you so much for the wonderful job your team has done!”

Janet Brown, Realtor®

Multi-Million Dollar Producer, Luxury Home Specialist

“Parus, was professional and efficient in their set-up, production and final product delivery for both myself as Team Leader and for many of our Metropolitan agents. Those who wanted studio-quality video now have specialized, high-end web based video productions highlighting abilities, skillset and a tool to increase exposure across the internet and increase SEO awareness amongst the sea of thousands of other agents that all “look the same”. You want better exposure …. Contact Parus!”

Bruce Kink

Houston Texas

“The implementation of our videos on our website and social media pages have been a huge added value to our clients as well as anyone considering a career in real estate with our company. People enjoy the information delivery via video a great deal more than just reading the text on a web page. We are projecting to double our volume year over year and the professionalism and benefits of the videos enhanced our presence as an industry leader.”

Justin Flanagan

“With over 30 years of Real Estate experience, it is my opinion that Real Estate is first and foremost a business of marketing and secondarily a business of selling. In that respect, I am happy to call to your attention some terrific marketing products, I recommend you become familiar with these products, quickly. I know they work! Call Shane and Parus Solution Marketing directly”

Kevin Ahearn

As an owner and agent this is hands down the best program I have seen for marketing and selling. Parus not only did my videos, they knocked out a fantastic logo for my personal branding. Listen to PARUS and become a “Marketing Specialist”

Heather Brang


“Parus is FANTASTIC, if you don’t have them in, your group will be missing out on a wonderful opportunity! I had 11 of my agents at his first meeting and we had 9 sign up, then we had so much talk about it that we had him Shane come back and he got several more signed up.
He does a great presentation, has great warmth, and knows our industry so he knows how to talk in their importance language! Let him come in for sure!”

Pegi Brock

Lake Mary and Longwood

“I recruited 4 agents, listed 4 properties, and collected over 4 thousand dollars in the first month of using this program.”

Jennifer Chambers


“Shane Pendley and Parus did a 2 hr presentation in my office today (and has worked with Tyson’s, Chantilly, Alexandria, etc) The presentation was a response to interest by agents after seeing the power of video marketing at mega camp. Shane understands our models and systems… and culture… and I would highly recommend him to you. Call me for any questions or feedback. They even did a recruiting video for me and Market Center. ”

Mike Coffey

Reston, VA

“I have been waiting for a company like this for a long time. I have a Sellers, Buyers, REO, Seniors, Luxury videos and so on and love them! Thanks Shane for taking care of me and my whole team.”

Marc Cormier

Reston, VA

“Thank you for my Recruiting video and Media Page. It is awesome! Everyone who had their video done is so excited, you guys rocked it. Well done.”

Frank Crandall

Chula Vista, CA

“If you are looking to take your company and sales volume to a new level, this is it! This program accommodates all aspects of your real estate business and recruiting. PARUS is a regionally approved program and company for Exit Realty of Florida.”

Scott Forbes


“Because 85% of my business comes through on-line lead generation I have discovered that PARUS has the perfect video tool to use to introduce myself to clients via the internet. By using cutting edge multi-media to market myself they know I’ll be able to meet their real estate needs.”

Wayne Furlong

“I just wanted to take a moment to talk about my experience with Shane Pendley and his associates at Parus Marketing. I am an experienced agent from Southern California and video marketing is part of my everyday lead generating. Shane graciously flew me out to Tampa, Florida and to be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect. Him and his staff were very accommodating to me. I was put up in a hotel across from the shoot location and just steps from the beach. They literally treated me like family and made me feel very comfortable when it came down to the actual video shoot. It was so easy, that I even scheduled another shoot!!! I plan on doing much more with Parus in the future and I now consider them as part of my marketing team! Thanks again Shane for an awesome experience!!!!!!!!!!!”

Matt Gregory

“Shane, Thank you for the outstanding presentation on internet media as a powerful enhancement to branding real estate professionals. A key feature of your program is the ability to create a brief and effective video that lays an amazing foundation for communication with potential clients. I was impressed with your easy, clear delivery. Knowing our Associates who signed up for your program are especially discriminatory about investments in their real estate practice, your ability to identify with their needs and convey value was certainly proven with the resulting response and commitment., All the best.”

Phillip L. Harley

Hiram, GA

“As the principle owners of two successful Keller Williams Realty Market Centers, we are constantly approached by companies wanting to expose their products to our agents. After much arm bending we agreed to have Shane Pendley / PARUS come to Virginia to role out his new concept for internet video marketing. Shane’s presentation was INCREDIBLE! He shared a new vision for real estate in technology which will take us through the 21st century. We feel this is a cutting edge marketing strategy that we are excited to implement into our own business. “

Barbara Hendrickson and Jim Quinn

Arlington, VA

“Set yourself above all the other and show your clients how YOU are different than the other REO Brokers. With the use of the technology I have been able to take my REO market share from 35% to 60% in my Market place. Using the great tools that Parus has you will not be disappointed. This year, I want the Higher priced “Luxury” REO homes and I believe they will come by showing off what this system can do in the marketing of REO homes. Also it has been a great success in my retail side as well. I have been doing more retail in the past year than I normally do. Why not, it is easy pickings when they ask you to list their home… I love it…..”

Robert Hoobler

Camp Hill, PA

“My Top Producers and Teams loved it and I couldn’t help but recommend them. Personally, I was extremely impressed and they helped us recruit a top 20 Year ReMax veteran.”

Jason Lindstrom

Valencia, California

“I love everything Shane and Parus have done for me and my business. Videos, Media-Page, Web Site, Logo Design, ect. From start to finish, fantastic program.”

Jeff Lobb

“Parus / Shane Pendly came out to our Oviedo office last week to present an idea. How to better market yourself using Video marketing. It was not what I expected when I went to the class. I thought someone was going to give me one more good idea that I would have to find the time to put into place or possibly it would too expensive. However I was pleasantly surprised. Parus has an idea and a solution to a challenge that we all face. How to be a step ahead of the completion in marketing ourselves and how to bring our allied resources together to bring mutual success. They have the scripts and the steps to make your own video landing page that can be linked to our current website, sent off in an email and also on DVDs that can be directly give to new customers. They even give you ideas on promoting it so that you can get the referral business needed. I am going to add this to my lead generation plan and am expecting a great response. I hope that others will take advantage as well.”

Michele Moon


“PARUS / Shane Pendley are providing leading-edge technology. In this industry, it is more important than ever to present a polished product and image to our clients / potential clients. People are in a hurry and internet oriented. Show them what they want in a way they understand. Shane and his company have provided me the vehicle to imprint a first-class image in people’s minds before they ever meet me, I urge everyone to do the same. On second thought, please don’t so that I will keep a competitive edge over you!! Thank you Shane.”

Randy Morrow

Arlington Virginia

“It was a pleasure to work with you Shane, and your team at Parus Solution Marketing, the creativity and direction were certainly appreciated. What was most refreshing is your high level of service, and the positive approach you take to the work, we are really pleased with our final product.”

Bill and Erica Nasby

Bill Nasby Productions

“On behalf of EXIT Realty Alabama, I wish to extend our appreciation to PARUS their training presentation is both informative and entertaining! If you haven’t scheduled them into your Region or office, don’t miss the opportunity to do so.”

Don & Bettie Olson


“I don’t endorse anything until I can see that it has amazing value and that anyone can duplicate it and receive the same results. This is the product I use to recruit with and get very good results with. My agents have had UNBELIEVABLE success with the agent products PARUS provides as well. It has given them more confidence in their business than any other single thing that has ever been offered.”

Janice Petteway

Orlando Florida

“What a great service for real estate professionals! If you are serious about your real estate business and career utilizing Parus Marketing video solutions to advertise yourself and your business is a must. You will stand miles above the rest as a real professional. I had a great personal experience with Parus and look forward to more video shoot in the future.”

JP Piccinini

JP And Associates REALTORS, Frisco, TX

“Thanks to Shane Pendley and the entire Parus staff, what a first class operation! The financial investment paid off many times over within the 1st few months of having our media site. As a lender, my main source of business are realtors and their clients. The feedback on a regular basis has been nothing but positive. The words and phrases “This is cutting edge, I’d like to show my clients, you’re at the top of the lending game, impressive…” never get old. Shane provided scripts (he said I could customize but there wasn’t a need to. I couldn’t have written them better from a lenders point of view), transportation, accommodations and the all the tools for our custom media site. All we had to do is practice the scripts and show up. The process was simple and easy yet the results are extraordinary. When I was presented the concept by Shane, I “shopped around” to see if there was a competitor who could provide something comparable. I soon discovered that no other company could and those who said they would try wanted three times the fee! My only regret is that I didn’t shoot the videos sooner. I would highly recommend Paris to any lender or realtor looking to take their business to the highest level of professionalism. “

Jason Renno & Keith Renno

“This program is the shortest distance between where you’re sitting and your next commission!”

Craig Shelley

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